23. Februar 2021

IÖB project in line with the expert opinion of the Aktionsrat Bildung

This year's report by the Aktionsrat Bildung focuses on education for sustainable development (ESD). Not least against the background of the "Fridays for Future" activities, this focus seems appropriate.

Of particular interest is the "From Knowledge to Action" objective formulated in the report, which is described in terms of a gap between attitudes and behavior and explained with the help of psychological approaches. This gap, also referred to in the literature as the "Attitude Behavior Gap", is being systematically investigated in a current IÖB project funded by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU).

The IÖB project is also based on psychologically founded findings of behavioral economics and tests corresponding approaches to solving the problem of ESD based on behavioral economics (e.g. debiasing strategies or nudging). The project is currently being implemented and the results will be published - due to the current contact restrictions in schools - in mid-2022.

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